We’re IPv6 Ready! Are you?

IPv6 ReadyOpen Solutions has been certified by INEX to their Platinum standard. This means both our website and our DNS name servers are IPv6 enabled.

We should of course disclose that not only do we contract services to INEX, we also developed the website and web application that powers IPv6Ready.ie!

It is vital that content owners and businesses that generate even a small proportion of their revenue through an online presence become IPv6 Ready.

To this end, IPv6 Ready is an initiative by INEX to promote the uptake of IPv6 in the Internet and broader business communities. While IPv6 has been available and in active use for over 10 years, its take up has been stunted by the continued, but increasingly limited, availability of IPv4 address space. INEX, with the IPv6 Ready initiative is encouraging businesses to delay no longer and invest in IPv6 to ensure the future of their Internet related activity.

Even if you’re not IPv6 Ready just yet, you can still make your users and customers aware that you realise the importance of this by displaying the IPv6 Pending badge which you receive by signing up at IPv6Ready.ie.

Test your site now: www.ipv6ready.ie.

Open Solutions has been a part of INEX’s operations team since April 2008, working with the expanding number of INEX Members and ensuring the smooth running of the exchange. We assist with the administration of the switching frabic, provide member support, and develop INEX’s provisioning and management systems.

IPv6 Ready is a PHP application using our standard application framework of Zend, Doctrine ORM and Smarty running on a FAMP stack.