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Island Bridge Networks

If you are looking for Island Bridge Networks support, please email support (at) or call +353 1 531 3334. 24/7 contact procedures are included in the auto-reply to the support email address.

INEX – Ireland’s IXP

If you are looking for INEX support, please email the operations team on operations (at) or see

Barry O’Donovan

If you need or want to contact me personally, try any of the following:

Now the caveat: because I have released a significant amount of open source software, write this blog and through various other activities, I get a lot of emails and requests for help. These usually compete with work, personal time, project time or family time. So, I hope you understand, you may often lose out. This isn’t me being a jerk, it’s just that time is not infinite.

Additional caveat: a lot of emails I get are from people representing companies looking for help with an issue that I addressed in a blog post or open source software I wrote. I imagine your company doesn’t provide services for free and, unsurprisingly, nor do I. In these cases, please contact me via:

Open Solutions

If you are looking to contact Open Solutions sales or support staff, then please email info (at) opensolutions (dot) ie.