INEX Breaks 10Gbps Barrier

INEX, Ireland’s neutral Internet Exchange Point, broke the 10Gbps barrier last week coinciding with the Government’s launch of their four year plan:

Reaching a new record high, traffic at INEX, Ireland’s Internet Exchange Point, has exceeded the 10Gigabit per second barrier for the first time.  This record, of 12.137* Gigabits per second, comes in a year when INEX is experiencing its greatest growth in traffic in the exchange’s 14 year history.  The traffic peak, which coincided with the announcement of the National Recovery Plan, is an indication of the increase in consumption of rich media content (TV, video, music, conferencing) over the Internet by users in Ireland, including the new wave of mobile internet users. INEX has also welcomed a number of new Members in recent months who have also contributed to the rapid traffic growth.

Read the full release on INEX‘s own website. We’re looking forward to seeing this record being smashed tomorrow with the announcement of the 2011 budget.

Open Solutions (my company) has been a part of INEX’s operations team since April 2008, working with the expanding number of INEX Members and ensuring the smooth running of the exchange. We assist with the administration of the switching frabic, provide member support, and develop INEX’s provisioning and management systems.

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