Follow Up – IPv6 Statistics at INEX

A couple of days ago, I was talking about World IPv6 day with some notes on the Irish context.

INEX is a neutral, industry-owned association, founded in 1996, that provides IP peering facilities for its members. INEX membership is open to all organisations that can benefit from peering their IP traffic and there are currently 57 members.

INEX can also be considered Ireland’s IP Peering Hub. INEX membership provides high-speed, reliable and resilient IP traffic exchange facilities for both Irish and International organisations, allowing them to route IP traffic efficiently thereby providing faster, more reliable and lower-latency internet access for their customers.

As a follow up to the previous post, here’s a like for like comparison of IPv4 and IPv6 traffic over peering LAN 1 of the exchange:


  • As a layer 2 exchange, traffic over INEX is symmetrical – traffic originating from one member is destined for another.
  • INEX runs two peering LANs for resiliency. The IPv6 traffic on LAN 2 was negligible over the same period. See the public statistics and the weathermaps of each LAN showing the network topology.