Joseph Mallozzi :: Remembering Joel Goldsmith

Over in his blog, Joe Mallozzi wrote a fitting remembrance to Joel Goldsmith:

Finally, we come to Joel’s last piece for the Stargate franchise, that beautiful closing theme to the SGU finale, Gauntlet.  …  When we received the director’s cut, the sequence had included a gorgeous piece that I felt was nothing short of perfect.  I loved Joel’s work, knew what he was capable of but, I have to admit, I doubted even he could trump the music that accompanied the director’s cut.  But Joel wanted to try.  He did.  And succeeded.  If that original piece was nothing shot of perfect, then the closing piece Joel came up with was beyond perfection.

As a huge Stargate fan – (can you believe it’s three series, 17 seasons, 354 episodes) – it’s fair to say that Joel also provided the soundtrack to quite a chunk of my life! Here’s that closing sequence of the final episode of Stargate Universe (and the franchise) Joe was referencing (which was perfectly paired with the opening sequence of the first episode of Universe):