Some New Nagios Plugins

Over the past ten years I have left many many new and hacked Nagios plugins on many servers around the globe. I’m now making a concerted effort to find them, clean them, maintain them centrally and release them.

To that end, I have created a repository on GitHub for the task with a detailed readme file:

As a starting point, there are four plugins available now:

  • – a script to poll a Cisco switch or router and check if the device was recently rebooted; its temperature sensors; its fans; its PSU; its CPU utilisation; and its memory usage.


  • – a script to poll a Linux / BSD server and check its load average; memory and swap usage; and if it has been recently rebooted.


  • – a script to check all ports on a Cisco switch and issues a critical alert if port security has been triggered resulting in a shutdown port on the device.


  • – a script which will issue warnings if the port status on any Ethernet (by default) port on a Cisco switch has changed within the last hour (by default). I.e. a port up or a port down event.