Sangoma Inconsistancies with Latest Zaptel-1.4

I’m on a tight deadline and the last thing I need right now is kernel/Asterisk/Zaptel/Sangoma issues… This post may just help someone else save some time:

When running Sangoma’s Setup script from their wanpipe-2.3.4-7 release, the following error occurs when it tries to patch the latest zaptel (version 1.4 checked from SVN revision 2399):

Enable TDMV DCHAN Native HDLC Support & Patch Zaptel ? (y/n) y

Did NOT find the seached str:chan->writen\[chan->inwritebuf\] = amnt;
search_and_replace(zaptel-base.c) failed

Applying the following diff to Setup should solve the problem:

< #!/bin/sh
> #!/bin/bash
< ZAPTEL_C_SEARCH_STR="chan->writen\[chan->inwritebuf\] = amnt;"
> ZAPTEL_C_SEARCH_STR="chan->writen\[res\] = amnt;"
<                       chan->writen[chan->inwritebuf] = amnt;"
>                       chan->writen[res] = amnt;"

The change from sh to bash was to overcome the following error:

./Setup: 1014: Syntax error: Bad substitution

Finally, it looks like Sangoma’s current wanpipe will not work with linux-2.6.20.x:

/usr/src/wanpipe/kdrvtmp/sdla_xilinx.c:636:62: error: macro "INIT_WORK" passed 3 arguments, but takes just 2
/usr/src/wanpipe/kdrvtmp/sdla_xilinx.c: In function ‘wp_xilinx_init’:
/usr/src/wanpipe/kdrvtmp/sdla_xilinx.c:636: error: ‘INIT_WORK’ undeclared (first use in this function)
/usr/src/wanpipe/kdrvtmp/sdla_xilinx.c:636: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
/usr/src/wanpipe/kdrvtmp/sdla_xilinx.c:636: error: for each function it appears in.)

It works fine with linux-2.6.19.x.

I have let Sangoma’s support team know of these issues so hopefully they’ll be resolved before anyone has to actually use this post.

4 thoughts on “Sangoma Inconsistancies with Latest Zaptel-1.4”

  1. Sangoma technical support came back to me regarding the kernel 2.6.19 vs. 2.6.20 issue:

    “We are familiar with compilation issue on kernel version 2.6.20, you can use our pre-release driver for this kernel. To download pre-release driver please visit .”

    They will investigate the Zaptel issue but as my version is from SVN, I expect they’ll have it fixed in good time for the next release.

  2. google rulz! thanks for the patch i couldnt get anything to work! even the beta as suggested.

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