Doctrine2 Service Provider for Laravel 4

I’ve just released a Laravel 4 package which contains a service provider to the Doctine2 entity manager and the Doctrine2 cache. These are made available via facades named D2EM and D2Cache respectively.

Currently it uses the XML schema method for defining entities but this can easily be augmented with the other methods. Also, ArrayCache and MemcacheCache are fully supported caching interfaces. Any other cache that requires no configuration is also supported but some trivial coding will be required for caching backends required configuration.

Combining this with TwigBridge, we have an excellent framework with Laravel 4!

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6 Responses to Doctrine2 Service Provider for Laravel 4

  1. Krzysztof Pultorak says:

    Dear Mr.
    Your work is very helpful to me.
    Unfortunately, I’m stuck … for a while.
    Pure Laravel + Doctrine2Bridge … and …
    Symfony \ Component \ Debug \ Exception \ FatalErrorException
    Using $ this when not in object context.

    The probability here:

    48 $ this-> d2config = \ Config :: get (‘doctrine2bridge :: doctrine’); ….

    so I made ​​a change to the value of “$this->d2config” to “$d2config” …
    and … Laravel shows no errors. Publishes a config file as well.
    I’m not sure if all will works after the changes.

    low bows and compliments

  2. Krzysztof Pultorak says:

    Thank that you are not upset for my entry.
    I was able to change the setting are to use “DriverChain”.
    Now I’m trying to use the “Gedmo / DoctrineExtensions” – but unfortunately did not manage to. Gedmo extensions are very cool. I used to use them at times of Codeinteger:).

  3. Krzysztof Pultorak says:

    Please help
    How to use (pass) EntityMenager to another function.
    So – D2EM in…

    $evm = new \Doctrine\Common\EventManager ();
    $translatableListener = new \Gedmo\Translatable\TranslatableListener;
    $transl = $translatableListener->getConfiguration(D2EM, ‘Entities\ Deliveries’);

    It’s probably the school problem, but … help!

  4. Adam says:

    Thank you for this, was looking for a nice way to use Doctrine with Laravel.

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