We’re Now Available Over IPv6!

You probably won’t have noticed but this site is now available over IPv6:

I spend a lot of my working hours doing a lot with IPv6 and, as any sys admin knows, it’s quite often the case that you get around to doing these things for yourself last. In our case, there was a bit of work involved as we had to first get our ISP’s core network dual stacked with IPv6 – luckily they’re a customer of ours 😉

Stay tuned here and over on the company blog for upcoming IPv6 posts and announcements.

In the meantime, if your ISP isn’t offering IPv6 to end users yet, head on over to SixXS where you can get an IPv6 tunnel for free. If you’re based in Ireland be sure to chose HEAnet or Airwire as your PoP as they’re both based in Ireland and members of INEX so your latency will be as low as possible.

UPDATE: Much more on this an why over on the company blog: We’re IPv6 Ready – Finally!