I’m in yr datacentur…

The last thing I want to do is point and laugh at anyone else’s problems – God knows we’ve all been in the trenches – but this is just too funny a pun and deserves a link:


Linux on a Dell Vostro 200

Following a recent post to ILUG asking about setting Linux up on a Dell Vostro 200, I followed up with my notes from the time I had to do it a few months back.

This is just a copy of my notes rather than a how-to but any competent Linux user should have no problem. Apologies in advance for the brevity; with luck you’ll be using a later version of Linux which will already have solved the network issue…

The two main issues and fixes were:

  • The SATA CD-ROM was not recognised initially and the fix was set the following parameter in the BIOS:

    BIOS -> Integrated Peripherals -> SATA Mode -> RAID

  • The network card is not recognised during a Linux install. Allow install to complete without network and then download Intel’s e1000 driver from http://downloadcenter.intel.com/ or specifically by clicking here. The one I used then was e1000-7.6.9.tar.gz but the current version appears to be e1000-7.6.15.tar.gz (where the above link heads to – check for later versions).

    My only notes of the install just say “essentially follow instructions in README” so I assume they were good enough! Obviously you’ll need Linux kernel headers at least as well as gcc and related tools.

    Once built and installed, a:

    modprobe e1000

    should have you working. Use dmesg to confirm.