chan_ss7, pcap files and 64bit machines

UPDATE: April 29th 2008

Anders Baekgaard of Dicea ApS (current chan_ss7 maintainers) recommends the following alternative patch. Please note that mtp3d.c will also need to be patched in the same way:

END UPDATE: April 29th 2008

A quickie for the Google trolls:

While trying to debug some SS7 Nature of Address (NAI) indication issues, I needed to use chan_ss7’s ‘dump’ feature from the Asterisk CLI. It worked fine but the resultant pcap files always failed with messages like:

After much digging about and head-against-wall banging, I discovered the issue
is with the packet header in the pcap file. It’s defined by its spec to be:

chan_ss7 uses the timeval struct defined by system headers to represent ts_sec and ts_usec. But, on 64bit machines (certainly mine), these values are defined as unsigned long rather than unsigned int (presumably as a step to get over the ‘year 2038 bug’). Hence the packet header is all wrong.

An easy solution is the following patch in mtp.h:

There may be a better way – but this works.

This relates to chan_ss7-1.0.0 from and I have let them know also. It’s also a known issue for the Wireshark developers (although I did not investigate in detail to see what their resolution was for the future). See the following thread from 1999:

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