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May 2005


ko2smsapplet is a frontend to the o2sms perl script by mackers (

"o2sms is a grand script to send SMS's (or text messages) via the UNIX command line. Despite its name, it supports Vodafone (Ireland) and Meteor as well as o2 (Ireland) users."

ko2smsapplet supplies a quick and easy way to use this script for KDE users.

ko2smsapplet in Kicker          ko2smsapplet dialog

Installation should be as simple as downloaded the tarball and:

tar jxf
cd ko2smsapplet-VER
make install (as root)

Then right click on Kicker (KDE's panel) and select:
    Add to Panel->Applet->ko2smsapplet

The applet was designed around version 2.62 (released 2005-05-19) and will not work with earlier versions as it requires the new -message switch. It also requires KDE 3.3 or later.

Make sure you set the full paths to your o2sms binary and configuration file by right clicking on the applets handle (the "shaded area" of the panel to the immediate left of ko2smsapplet's icon (if the panel is horizontal). Then select "Configure ko2smsapplet..."

Default values are:

Obviously if your provider is Meteor or Vodafone then the script and config filenames will reflect this.

Aliases are taken from o2sms's configuration file so add them there if you want them to appear in the applet.

Disclaimer: This was an applet born out of boredom and the need to take an evening off research/thesis writing. It works. But I'm not promising that it is any good!



© 2005, Barry O'Donovan under the terms of the GNU General Public License.