Recruitment Agency => FAIL

While I certainly understand and appreciate the need for recruitment agencies and have dealt with many good ones over the years, I cannot stand the seemingly hundreds of dodgy ones. These are the ones that ring plague me every other day and that don’t take no for an answer.

But the dodgy ones definitely all have one big attribute in common: they send unsolicited CVs with (and here’s an example from this morning that had four CVs) some attempt at legal binding in the footer:

The acceptance of C.V’s, interviewing or engagement by your organisation of a candidate introduced by A.N. Other Recruitment Ltd is an acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.

Excuse me? An extract from my response:

We absolutely do not accept in any way or form any of
your terms and conditions. If you choose to email CVs to
us prior to any engagement or agreement, that is entirely
at  your discretion and how we use them is at ours.

When dealing with other people while representing my company, I generally try to be a nice and polite person but it irks me no end when I am sent unsolicited CVs with some assumption of binding to the senders T&Cs.

Recruiters take note – if I want your services I’ll deal with the many good ones as I have in the past and will never deal with unsolicited invitations.  If you’re in my industry and that good, word will get to me or I’ll find you myself.

FÁS Jobs Ireland => FAIL

One would think that will all the fuck ups in FÁS over the past few years coupled with the current unemployment numbers that they could at least get their jobs portal right?

Alas, no. I remember using it two years ago and it was shite then. Today, trying to advertise a job vacancy, I tried it again. It’s still shite. It’s unintuitive, riddled with errors, uses ridiculous autogenerated usernames for which I have to ring for a reminder and, worst of all, fails to let me submit a job:

I rang the first time for my username and reached a very helpful lady. I then rang a second time because of the above(to a different lady) and I was met with complete dis-interest: I’ll let the IT people know. Any further questions were not tolerated.

So, here I am, an employer with a job, and FÁS – Where Jobseekers Go – couldn’t care less. Job seekers, maybe you should go elsewhere…. And, from the pathetic state of the portal, it seems like FÁS haven’t cared in two years. I shudder to think how much it cost them…

Amazon Web Service’s ec2-bundle-image on Ubuntu

This is really a post for Google’s crawlers on getting AWS’s EC2 AMI tools working under Ubuntu (I’m currently on Gutsy 7.10). Despite any bitching I may do below, EC2 and S3 are cool services.

The first problem is that AWS only distribute the tools as an RPM (really guys? I mean FFS). Convert and install with alien.

# apt-get install alien
# alien -k ec2-ami-tools.noarch.rpm
# dpkg -i ec2-ami-tools_1.3-15283_all.deb

Make sure you also install libopenssl-ruby.

Set your Ruby path as the RPM places them where RedHat expects to find them:

# export RUBYLIB="/usr/lib/site_ruby"

Now when you run the utility, you’ll probably get:

$ ec2-bundle-image -r ... -i ... -k ... -c ... -u ...
sh: Syntax error: Bad substitution

Aparently Ubuntu switched from invoking bash to dash for sh somewhere along the line. Just relink it (temporarily or permanently as suits):

# rm /bin/sh
# ln -s /bin/bash /bin/sh

And you should be good to go.

One other issue I encountered was that the permissions of the directories were for root only (i.e. /usr/local/aes, /usr/lib/site_ruby/ and /etc/aes). A very sloppy chmod a+rX on each of these will resolve that. Although I suspect it’s more to do with the fact that I used rpm2cpio and cpio rather than alien the first time around.

If architects had to work like programmers…

A friend sent me this link today. It’s too true to be funny: