On Writing More – Daily January 2017

Post January Update: I managed 9 posts – fail! Typically posting was a tradeoff between either family time or exercise. I just seem to have no spare cycles 🙁

Over Christmas one of my brothers was toying with the idea of taking up a creative writing class when we got back to Dublin. He had even done a bit of research. My gut reaction was: if you want to write more, then write more. I felt that the muscle needed to be exercised by choice rather than forced through a class homework assignment. At least as a first step before taking up a class.

There was a stinging degree of hypocrisy in my assertions: I too should be writing more. And not the endless emails / technical documents / support documents / sales proposals from work every day but rather the stuff I always wish I took the time to write about. Why this blog was initially created: thoughts, rants and ramblings.

So, welcome to daily January. One post a day for one month on anything whatsoever.