We’re IPv6 Ready! Are you?

IPv6 ReadyOver in INEX, we just launched a new initiative to promote and increase awareness of IPv6 among content owners and businesses generating revenue from an online presence.

This project is called IPv6 Ready and it is essential a certification program for websites that are IPv6 ready to one of two standards:

Gold: The website has a AAAA (IPv6) DNS record; and

Platinum: At least one of the websites DNS name servers is additionally IPv6 enabled.

IPv6 PendingFor those websites that are not IPv6 enabled (and in many cases this is dependent on a third party hosting company), we also have a very cool IPv6 Pending badge which you can use to let your customers know that you are IPv6 aware.

The badges shown here are the large versions but we also have an extra large, medium and small so you’ll find an appropriate one for your site.

How do you get your badges? Easy, just head over to IPv6Ready.ie and register your site. Once you complete the simple process, you’ll be emailed all four personalised badges!

Help us make this a success! Please repost, blog, tweet and spread the word any way you can to help us raise awareness and push IPv6 forward – even just a little. If nothing else, please register and display a badge! You’ll also get a link such as this to your own certificate!

2 thoughts on “We’re IPv6 Ready! Are you?”

  1. Won’t adding AAAA records for your site break it for all those people with misconfigured devices? I hear there’s a tonne of home routers that only have public IPv4 address, but handout IPv6 internally, causing computers to lookup AAAA records and consequently fail to reach the site.

    It’s for this reason that none of the big guys have enabled it by default, and only make it available to whitelisted IPs and on specific subdomains such as “v6” or “ipv6”. Just a warning to not just plough ahead and add AAAA records without knowing that you could be excluding a percentage of your users by doing so.

    Also, http://isoc.org/wp/worldipv6day/how-to-join/ <– June 8th 2011 could be a good day to test. Might be worth mentioning in the post.

    1. Hi Tim,

      The current estimate of broken clients is somewhere between 0.15% and 0.35% – that’s about 1 in 300 visitors. For ‘average’ sites, that’s not a problem. For Google and Facebook, where 0.15% could mean millions of visitors then it’s a different story.

      One of the main goals of World IPv6 day is to accurately measure this.

      For sites that aren’t quite in the Facebook / Google category, enabling AAAA records is not an issue and is something to be encouraged. Until people start moving, clients will stay broken, ISPs will ignore and hosting companies will remain unmotivated.

      There’s already some significant and popular Irish sites available over IPv6 and a growing list can be found at:


      Also, just on the point of many home routers handing out IPv6 addresses – is is true that some do but those that do should work as they only do this if they have some IPv6 over IPv4 mechanism built in.

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