Following the General Election Results Online (#ge11)

As I plan my election day geek out (in a suitable pub with good Guinness and good friends), I thought I’d share a few links and create an easy reference for myself.

First the obvious:

Newstalk have a very clean interface that looks as if it will let us drill into each constituency for count by count results.

Twitter will be the place to be this year but you’ll need to know who to follow / check in on. Each count centre has been given a tag so you can follow your own easily: There’s a nice interface giving a good overview of these here also:

The all important tallymen will be tweeting and you can find a list of these at [1].

RTÉ have set up Twitter accounts for each constituency count and their correspondants will be updating us through these:!/RTE_Elections/rte-ge11-constituencies/members.

Fellow anoraks, enjoy!