Cowen Fiddles While Ireland Burns – For Shame

To add to Martin’s resignation on Tuesday, yesterday Harney, Ahern, Dempsey and Killeen all announced that they are resigning from cabinet.

Martin resigned as he lead the soft heave against Cowen – proper order (more than can be said for the two-faced Hanafin who apparently has confidence in Cowen to run the country but not the Fianna Fail party – so for her it’s party first rather than country; and as for the cute hoor Lenihan… well I suspect some back benchers may wait in the long grass for him).

Harney announced that she will not contest the next General Election and hence felt it inappropriate to stay in cabinet. But it was appropriate to stay after her Progressive Democrats party collapsed around her leaving her without a mandate? It was appropriate that five years on from declaring the country’s A&E service a “national crisis”, this January there was a new record for patients on beds? It was appropriate after a number of diagnostic disasters? Despite her well aired declarations of achievements, Harney’s tenor at Health has been shameful and a disaster for the citizens of this country. But none of that was enough for her to resign. No, she waited until there’s about 40 days left in this disastrous Government to jump ship to make way for some other parish pump hack to try and build a profile in advance of the general election.

It then seems that through some background co-ordination, Messrs Ahern, Dempsey and Killeen all followed suit opening five positions at cabinet for Cowen to promote some loyalists as a reward for their vocal support during the heave. Besides the cynical and farcical nature of it all, one wonders what these new ministers can possibly achieve in 40 days? How much mandarin time will be wasted briefing them and bringing them up to speed? How many policy inititives in train by the resigning ministers (if any!) will be interrupted? And how much will new stationary for all the new ministers cost us so that they can blanket their constituencies with letters From the Office of the Minister of…

I don’t know if it’s constitutionally possible, but it would be nice to see President McAleese refuse the resignations. (Update: On a quick read of the constitution, it’s not possible. On the advice of the Taoiseach, the President shall accept the resignation of a Minister).

That’s unlikely to happen. What’s more unlikely to happen is for Cowen to realise that the game is up, save us the time and money, call the general election and let us vote in some TDs who can be chosen as ministers that we might have confidence in.

What will Gormless Gormley and the Green Party do? Nothing. But then that is what we have come to expect. To say that I’m disappointed in them is an understatement after I publicly declared for them and gave my reasons to vote green.