Blacknight “to IPv6 the Irish Internet!”

Over in Blacknight’s blog, Paul tells us how they are going to IPv6 the Irish Internet!. Well done lads!.

In Ireland, a lot of the ISPs actually have IPv6 enabled their network edges – this includes imag!ne (aka Gaelic Telecom), HEAnet, BT Ireland, Eircom, Irish Broadband and Smart Telecom. Some of these companies offer IPv6 to their customers but a lot don’t or only on a trial basis.

Why? Well the simple answer is there’s no need. There is just no substantive quantity of content available on IPv6 so ISP customers have no need to have or even know about IPv6. This is why Blacknight’s announcement is so exciting. Paul Kelly, CTO, is setting an ambitious but attainable target of 30,000 Irish websites to be reached over IPv6 by the end of 2008.

Paul also goes on to explain just some of the possible (and serious) consequences if ISPs don’t start making progress towards IPv6-enabling their networks. And his announcement has given me that added impetus to get my finger out.

As members of INEX (Irish Neutral Internet Exchange) Blacknight is the only content provider to date that actively seeks to peer with the other members over IPv6. It would be great if INEX added IPv6 peerings to their peering matrix as a further promotional tool. All the ISPs I mentioned above are also actively peering over IPv6 at INEX.

For anyone who’d like to know more about IPv6, ICANN have posted a factsheet – a clear guide to a technical subject written in plain English – on IPv6 here.

Lastly, to inject a little (geek) humour, at the recent RIPE meeting (RIPE 55), an attendee by the name of Gary Feldman broke up proceedings with a rendition of he’s parody The Day the Routers Died:

Oh, and speaking of content and incentives, *cough* see here *cough*.

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