Dublin EU Elections: A vote for Eoin Ryan (FF) is a vote for Europe

Polling tells us that the Dublin EU elections is a four horse race. An anti-Fianna Fail vote translates as a pro Sinn Fein, anti-Europe vote. Put you anger aside and look at the bigger picture.

Let be be clear from the outset: I am not a Fianna Fail supporter.

That said, the European elections are about bigger things than giving Fianna Fail a kick in shins. If that’s your motivation in voting, then use the local elections. The European elections are about electing MEPs to represent us and Ireland in Europe. Our choice here is important, even more so since the rejection of Lisbon.

In the Dublin constituency, it’s fair to assume that Gay Mitchell (FG) and Proinsias De Rossa (Lab) will top the poll. The issue is then about the third and final seat. Dublin is being reduced from four to three seats and only one of the two remaining incumbents will take it: either pro-Europe and pro-Lisbon Eoin Ryan (FF) or anti-Europe and anti-Lisbon Mary Lou MacDonald (SF).

In the latest Irish Times / TNS mrbi poll, Ryan is polling at 11% and McDonald on 14% of first preference votes. Ryan will take transfers from his running mate, Eibhlin Byrne, but as a new comer she is unlikely to poll high. MacDonald will also pull transfers from the Libertas candidate, Caroline Simmons.

Polling tells us that the Dublin EU elections is a four horse race. An anti-Fianna Fail vote translates as a pro Sinn Fein, anti-Europe vote. Put you anger aside and look at the bigger picture.

7 thoughts on “Dublin EU Elections: A vote for Eoin Ryan (FF) is a vote for Europe”

  1. That’s not how democracy works.

    When you go to vote on June 4th, vote for who -you- want to get elected. Vote McKenna, vote Ryan, vote Byrne, deRossa, whomever. Vote for who you support.

    Polling isn’t worth jack in this context. Trying to prefigure an electoral result and predicting who’s going to end up taking votes from who is a task for strategists – not electors. This “A vote for someone other than Ryan is a vote for SF|Libertas|right-wing-loons” nonsense is just that – nonsense.

    In the other hand, a vote for an FF candidate is just that – a vote of support for a corrupt distant discredited party. Don’t kid yourself that these SF-scare stories are anything other than that – the last roll of a dice by an increasingly desperate party.

    If you want to vote against FF, then do just that. Let FF worry about their own seats.

  2. I have to disagree with you Daniel. It’s true that polls are only a snapshot but they do tend to give a strong indication of election outcomes. This election really is going to be a choice between whether Ireland wants to send pro-Europe or anti-Europe MEPs.

    Personally, I feel that the risk of not voting for pro-EU candidates will mean that Sinn Fein’s Mary Lou McDonald will get in. Democracy is all about the people choosing what they want to do. They can vote as you say for whoever their most preferred candidate is or they can choose to vote strategically to prevent someone from winning. That is their choice. If they are pro-EU and believe that the EU is going to be an important element in Ireland economic recovery then the logical step is to vote for pro-EU candidates. That will mean voting for Eoin Ryan if you want to keep Sinn Fein out.

    I think over the next few days voters will became very aware of the choice before them and many will hold their noses as they cast a preference for Eoin Ryan, if only to keep Sinn Fein out.

  3. @Daniel: Hardly surprising but I have to strongly disagree with you.

    Firstly, I’m not worried about FF seats. Also, I’ve not seen a single FF candidate or spokesman discuss these “these SF-scare stories”. I’d actually like to see a FF spokesman spin such a tactic in a credible way.

    Your opening comment that this isn’t how democracy works is naive at best. Voting is far less about who you want as you suggest and much more about what you want.

    I for one do not want a Sinn Fein anti-Lisbon anti-Europe MEP returned to the European Parliament. The best way to achieve that in the Dublin constituency is, quite simply, to vote Eoin Ryan.

    As an elector in a democratic country, I’m strategically exercising my vote to achieve an end result I want.

  4. Really?

    Why not Vote for Patricia McKenna? Or for the other FG candidate?

    Look, democracy is about selecting a candidate who best represents your viewpoint. If FF do that for you, then bully. Just don’t pretend that by voting for an FF candidate you’re doing anything other than stating loud and clear “I support FF”.

    I’d suggest that the naive approach here is demonstrated by yourself – I don’t support FF but I’m suporting FF. Don’t vote for what you believe in, vote for some other vague possible reasons to do with this polling.

    Also – since when did our membership of the EU become the sine qua non of this election?

  5. @Daniel: let me briefly reply by saying: “by voting for Eoin Ryan, I’m supporting Europe”. A consequence maybe that that also supports FF, but I can live with that in the larger interest of the end result I wish to achieve.

  6. I think at the level of the European Parliament, what party the candidate is in is no longer of such relevance. Take for example, Eoin Ryan and Gay Mitchell. In the scale of the European Parliament, they are in the same party – the European People’s Party (am I correct on that?).
    So personally I haven’t based my vote for the Euro elections on the party but the individual and it went to Eoin Ryan. I could not see the logic of voting either Joe Higgins or Mary Lou into the European Parliament when they have an openly anti-European agenda.
    It’s somewhat annoying that this comes from Brian Cowen but those candidates “would not bring one job or one euro to Dublin” in my opinion! It’s almost as if there’s something wrong with it if Cowen says it, people almost stop listening to you at that point!

  7. You’re not correct on Gay and Eoin being in the same party. FF are members of UEN and FG are members of the EPP. FF’s membership of UEN seems odd but the future of UEN is in doubt and FF as well as other parties may move after the elections have completed [my source for this is foreign media reports].

    That said, the block of main stream party Irish MEPs do seem to pull together and wear the Irish jersey when it matters. This is why Ryan’s election over Mary Lou was important.

    As it happens and as it stands, it appears Joe Higgins will take the seat. He has already confirmed that he will run for the Dail next and he will probably take a seat based on his performance this weekend. As such, his nominated second will take over his seat.

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